Any content that doesn’t belong to is used with permission of the copyright owner, and noted in the post.  Any content that I share on Social Media is free to re-share for both personal and commercial use so long as the content can be tracked back to my social media account.

Personal Use

I appreciate personal sharing of my content.  I work hard to provide original images and stories, and until I find a way to make a living at this, my compensation is in recognition.  That’s why I ask the following of anyone sharing my content on their personal blogs or social media:

  • Give credit to
  • Link the image or quote to the original post, if possible, or to the home page
  • Leave the watermark on any images
  • Let me know that you’ve shared my content by sending me a message, or using the #Plan2Scrap hashtag on social media

Commercial Use

I want to support all the companies whose products I use.  Many of y’all are small companies, or larger companies that started at someone’s dining room table.  You’ve done what I have only dreamed of doing – found a way to make a living supporting scrapbookers and planners.

Please use my Contact form to contact me about using any of my images or content.