About Plan 2 Scrap

Who the heck is this crazy woman who writes a blog page about scrapbooking, planning and bullet journaling?

About Katie

There’s not a lot to tell.  I work 40+ hours a week at an office job.  I’ve been married to Mr. Plan2Scrap for a couple of decades.  Our Scraplet is in her mid-twenties and has recently moved back home while she gets her feet under her.  We have two dogs and three cats, and Scraplet has a dog and a cat.

Mr. Plan2Scrap and I also bought our first RV back in February, and we are loving it.  Absolutely loving it.  Our long-term goal is to retire to an RV and travel the US for a few years.  That means I’ve got to figure out how to squeeze my craftiness (crafti-MESS?) into a teeny-tiny space.

About my scrapbooking

I started off doing 12X12 pages.  When we decided to shoot for the RV-retirement, I decided to shrink the footprint of my pages, so I now do 8X8 albums.  Same ratio, less than half the size.  Any page I do at 8X8 could easily be scaled-up to 12X12 by multiplying the dimensions by 1.5.

About my planning

I’ve dabbled in planners for years, starting with a DayTimer way back in the 90s.  I never found, “planner peace,” though.  About a year ago, a friend introduced me to the new trend of, “pretty planners,” and it intrigued me.  Finally, I dove in, but in my own way.

My planner cover is a Carpe Diem by Simple Stories, and some of my dividers are Simple Stories, but that’s where the stock pages ends.  All of my planner pages are designed by me and printed on 65# cardstock that I bought at my LCS (Local Craft Store).  I use stamps and inks from a variety of companies, but the bones of all of my pages are home-made.

About minimalism in crafting

I’m still figuring out what that looks like for me.